10月 27, 2016
Metal Machining Material

What are the influence factors to the material machinability?

The processing time of CNC machining parts is the main part of the machining cost, and there are many factors to affect the time of machining: the machinability of materials, tool selection, machine performance, processing process and so on. We will introduce you here the factors affecting the machinability of materials in metal machining process.

10月 5, 2016
CNC Machining China Manufacturer-Shank Machining

Characteristics of CNC machining

CNC machining technology is an application technology accompanied by the emergence of CNC machine tools, continuous development and gradually improvement. Because of the using of computer automatic control, CNC machining process has several different characteristics with original processing technology.
9月 27, 2016

How to process high-precision holes in high-speed?

9月 10, 2016
machining-part, hexagon-inner-hole-processing

How to process hexagon inner hole on machining parts?

For the hexagon inner hole on the wrenches, there is a mature processing method to produce: normally produced by forging. But because of the precision and amount problem, some parts can’t be produced by forging. So there are some other ways to produce for machining suppliers.
8月 30, 2016

The Material Selection Principle of CNC Machining Parts

How to select material for CNC Machining Parts? Are there any points need to be considered specially?
8月 25, 2016

What is the difference between sand blasting and shot blasting?

8月 17, 2016

A super finish technology of CNC machining metal parts

We will introduce you a super finish technology which can improve performance of metal machining parts remarkably.
7月 12, 2016

CNC Machining Parts Design Guide-Surface Finish