Characteristics of CNC machining

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Characteristics of CNC machining

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CNC machining technology is an application technology accompanied by the emergence of CNC machine tools, continuous development and gradually improvement. The direct study objects are the numerical control equipment CNC devices, control systems, numerical control procedures and preparation methods. CNC machining process comes from the traditional processing technology. It combines the traditional processing technology, computer numerical control technology, computer-aided design and auxiliary manufacturing technology.


When the programmers receive a NC programming task of one component or product, the main works include:

1, CNC machining process feasibility study in accord with design drawings and related technical documents , to determine the CNC machining parts processing methods;
2, Select the type of CNC machine tools and the specifications;
3, Select the fixture and its supporting tools;
4, Select the tool and tool clamping system;
5, CNC machining programs and process planning;
6, Determine the processing area;
7, Design of CNC machining process content;
8, Coding CNC programs;
9, NC program debugging and process validation;
10, Finally complete all the NC process file and archive all the documents.
CNC programming can be from the beginning of the comprehension of the design drawings to the completion of coding the NC process.


Ordinary processing technology is the basis of NC machining technology. Because of the using of computer automatic control for machining process, CNC machining process has the following characteristics:

1, CNC machining process is more complex than the common mechanical processing
CNC machining process need to consider the process of processing parts, the positioning of the workpiece and clamping methods, also need to select the tool, build the process routes, cutting methods and process parameters, which can be simplified in the conventional process. The diversification of numerical control processing technology is a characteristic of CNC machining process, and it is significant different with the traditional processing technology.
2, CNC machining process design must be very structured
Due to the automation of CNC machining, so the self-adaptive ability of CNC machining is poor. And the influence factors of NC processing are more complex, designing of the CNC machining process must be careful, rigorous, without errors.
3, The transitivity of CNC machining process is better
The CNC Machining process which is after debugging, verification and test cutting process verification and have a good performance in the NC machining practice, can be used as a template for subsequent processing of similar parts, so not only time can be saved, but also ensuring the quality.
4, Before guiding production, CNC machining process must be OK in reality testing
Due to the high degree of automation, safety and quality are paramount important in CNC Machining. Before guiding production, CNC machining process must be OK in reality testing. But in general mechanical process, the process files can be used in production line directly.