CNC Machining Parts Design Guide-Surface Finish

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7月 7, 2016
A super finish technology of CNC machining metal parts
8月 17, 2016

CNC Machining Parts Design Guide-Surface Finish

Surface Finish

Shank offers a wide variety of finishes in accord with the requirements of the customer. The part can go from Milled finish to a Highly Polished finish.


This finish is equivalent to a Ra3.2/125RMS finish where minor tool marks will be visible on the part.The cost will increase if increasing the surface finish requirement because feed rates may need to be reduced and/ or additional processes will be required.

Bead Blast Finish

A light texture with a matte finish is created by blowing small glass beads against the part in designated areas. Additional cost may occur if the design requires significant masking of surfaces or holes that do not require the bead blasting.

Anodizing, Type II

A corrosion resistant finish will be created with this type of finish. Part can be made with different colors – silver, black, red or gold are most common – and is usually associated with aluminum. More information can be found in standard document Mil-A-8625A.

Anodizing, Type III (hard)

This type is thicker and creates a wear resistant layer as well as the corrosion resistance seen with Type II. The hardness is also higher than Type II. More information can be found in standard document Mil-A-8625A.

Powder Coating

The powdered paint sprays onto a part and then put the part into an oven to bake the paint. It creates a strong and corrosion resistant layer which is more durable than standard painting. Many colors are available which can create the desired appearance.


Other types of finishes, such as inactivation etc., are available upon request.