How to process hexagon inner hole on machining parts?

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8月 30, 2016
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9月 27, 2016

How to process hexagon inner hole on machining parts?

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For the hexagon inner hole on the wrenches, there is a mature processing method to produce: normally produced by forging. But because of the precision and amount problem, some parts can’t be produced by forging. So there are some other ways to produce for machining suppliers. We will introduce them to you with an example:

How to process the hexagon inner hole on the stainless steel part as showed in the picture?

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Hexagon inner hole on Machining Part
The general process could be as follow:
1: For small hexagon, if the material is not too hard (after processing and heat treatment), the part can be processed with hexagonal punch which is made by tool steel(pre-drilling is required)
2: EDM: Make a carbon crystal hexagonal at first, and then processing on the EDM machine.
3, For big part, can be processed on slotting machine
4, Wire cutting: High precision but not very efficiency.
5, Lathe: Processing By planetary wheel hexagonal lathe(pre-drilling is required)