How to process high-precision holes in high-speed?

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9月 10, 2016
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10月 5, 2016

How to process high-precision holes in high-speed?


Except using CNC precision machining to cut holes, holes can also be processed by boring and reaming for high-precision machining. With the high-speed central spindle of CNC Machining Centres, boring tools can already be used for processing high precision holes with high speed.

CNC precision machining-Boring Holes
Boring Processing

In order to achieve boring processing with high-speed and high-precision, attentions must be paid to the tooth vibration impact on the surface roughness and tool life.In order to prevent the decline of machining accuracy and tool life, the selected machining center must be equipped with a spindle with excellent balancing performance, and the selected boring tool must also have high dynamic balancing characteristics.Especially the tooth part of the boring tool, should be selected as suitable for high-speed cutting geometry, tool materials and installation methods.The R edge of the cutting edge should be larger, in order to improve the processing efficiency; increase the feed if the same processing surface roughness can be ensured.But the feed should be increased properly, otherwise it will increase the cutting resistance and it is not conducive to improving processing efficiency.

CNC precision machining-Reaming Holes
Reaming Tools

In the reaming process, the high-speed, high-precision new tool has not been seen to come out yet, the field of research and development work seems to be in a state of stagnation.High-speed reamers have been used by some specific users for high-speed, high-precision holes machining.This reamer have a negative rake angle with high rigidity, good chip breaking effect. It can process precision holes stably in high-speed cutting conditions.

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