CNC Machining

Shank Precision Machining provide OEM/ODM services from our precision machining factory based in Hefei, China. We provide high quality precision machining parts for many industries, including: Electronics, Automotive machined parts, Sporting item accessories, Appliances, Lighting, Molding, Instrument etc., we can make any parts in accord with your requirements.

Concentrated on high quality production CNC multi axis turning and milling, we can provide complete multi-axis milling and turning machining service. We have invested in the latest CNC machining capabilities to machine and manufacture precision components. Parts can be produced in most materials: Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass and other Alloy steel.

Shank can provide prototype and contract machining services of CNC machining. We can produce with raw material aluminum alloy, brass, stainless steel, mild steel, zinc alloy, PMMA, Teflon etc. Our capabilities include single & multi spindle automatics machining, CNC machining (turning, milling), EDM, broaching, grinding, drilling, gear cutting, heat treating, plating, slotting, threading, thread rolling etc.

As an OEM manufacturer, we can offer Precision CNC Machining Parts in a wide range of materials:

• Material: aluminum alloy, brass, stainless steel, mild steel, zinc alloy, PMMA, Teflon and etc.
• Surface Finish: Polish, Anodize, Zn/Ni/Cr plating, Gold/Silver plating, Inactivation, heat treatment, powder coating, etc.
• Equipment: 3 axis CNC machines, 4 axis CNC machines, Common machines, Drilling machine, CNC engraving machine, Laser engraving machines
• Machining precision tolerance:0.005-0.01mm
• Roughness value: less than Ra0.2
• Advanced workmanship, fitting tool, fixture, cutting tool
• Parts produced in accord with drawings or samples
• Fast, professional service and support, creative and innovative solutions
• Complete range of capabilities, Long term supply agreements
• Flexible work time, Engineering support, ISO 9001 certified

Our machining workshop:

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