A super finish technology of CNC machining metal parts

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7月 12, 2016
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8月 25, 2016

A super finish technology of CNC machining metal parts


There are two different styles: Roll Finish and Deep Rolling.

The characteristics are as follow:
Roll Finish: Increase the roughness of machining parts surface, increase the surface hardness partly
Deep Rolling: Increase component’s fatigue resistance, lifetime and hardness. Increase abrasive resistance, product surface residual stress, roughness and eliminate microgroove on surface.

This tool is suitable for a wide range and can be processed almost on any shape of the parts. It can be installed easily on lathe and CNC machines. Can be used on any metal materials which hardness is less than 65HRC.

The roughness can be reached less than 0.1um, and the fatigue resistance can be 3-5times than before processing.